Breaking The Rules  June 25th 2011



 These results are brought to you by The Master blogger


Besides the fact that the Winnipeg Jets are back, tonight New Brand Wrestling returned to the Ellice Theatre with their first event of the summer entitled Breaking The Rules. But enough of all this jibber jabber, it's time to give the results as provided by none other than yours truly, the most positive force in Winnipeg independent wrestling, the Master Blogger.


Opening Promo: Soul Society - Ricky Rivers gets on the mic and talks about ending Billy Blaze's career. This brings Blaze to the ring who says it is great to be back in the Ellice Theatre. Blaze goes on to say that it was their big guy Reaper who busted up his knee last month. This leads to the opening match of the night.


Opening Match: Billy Blaze vs. Soul Society - Reaper clips Blaze's knee again allowing the Society to perform a double suplex and 2 splashes in the corner. Reaper continued the beatdown but Billy would turn the tables so they say and toss Rivers to the outside. However, he did not see Reaper from behind. Rivers tried an RKO but Billy rammed him into the ring post. Back in the ring Billy Blaze would deliver a belly-to-back suplex for the 3 count.


Match #2 - Marc Merric vs. "Big" Cliff Corleone - This to me was a mismatch or so I had thought. Yes folks, even the Master Blogger admits he is sometimes wrong about things. Merric attacks Big Cliff from behind with kicks, forearm uppercuts and a knee.  This gave Corleone time to recover with a headbutt and a kick to the back followed by a bodyslam. Marc would recover by trying a snapmare but got shoved to the mat by Corleone. Ricky Rivers then came out and gave Marc the assist by tossing the belt into the ring to Corleone risking DQ. Winner and still Light Heavyweight Champion: Marc Merric


Match #3 - NBW Mid-Canada Title Match - "The Rebel" Bobby Collins w/Dirty Dick Walker vs. Leo London - The match got started when Bobby Collins called the legendary Caveman Broda into the ring and asked if he would like to be his and Dirty Dick Walker's manager. Broda happily accepted saying he was sick and tired of the fans. The Rebel attacked Leo from behind. Leo recovered w/2 elbows but the Rebel continued his assault. On the outside Dick Walker rammed London into the wall. Back inside the ring, Collins delivered a Border Toss (which we know is a bodyslam) but Leo recovered with a sunset flip for a 2 count. London successfully delivered a hurricanranna but missed with a high risk move as the champ put his boot up. Back on the outside, Broda choked London but Leo bounced back with a hard chop to the Dirty One. Leo tried a cradle but the referee was distracted by Walker and Broda who was holding onto the referee's foot. Winner and still Mid-Canada Champion, "The Rebel" Bobby Collins.


Post-Match: Broda put London out with his corkscrew finishing move.


Intermission: Several wrestlers came out to sign autographs and I went to the concession stand to grab some chips and a 7-Up.


Match #4 - 3 on 2 Handicap Match - Soul Society & Marc Merric vs. "Big" Cliff Corleone & Leo London - After several tags from the heel team, Corleone slapped both Reaper and Rivers. After a handshake from Merric to London, Merric countered with a sleeper hold but Leo would bounce back with a submission move but Merric grabbed the ropes. Leo then put Ricky in an airplane spin followed by a kick to the back of the head before tagging in Big Cliff who got stopped by Reaper but Corleone recovered with a Corleone Crunch for a 2. Cliff then made the tag to Leo who got clotheslined by the big man Reaper. Leo delivered the Hangman's Rolling Elbow to Ricky but Ricky recovered with a Code Breaker. Reaper put London in a Spinning Toe Hold and tagged in Marc who added insult to injury before Ricky put him in a submission hold of his own. Leo managed to tag Corleone who bodyslammed Reaper before tagging in London who put Reaper in the La Belle Lock submission move ending the match.


Match #5 - Main Event: NBW Heavyweight Title Match - Billy Blaze vs. Dirty Dick Walker w/Bobby Collins & Caveman Broda - Before the match got started, Reaper clipped Blaze in the knee once again. Walker backed Billy to the corner and added insult to injury to Billy's knee. Collins choked Blaze on the outside. Walker put Billy in a submission move while The Rebel added more pressure by holding onto the champ's hands. Billy would recover with a rollup but only got a 2. Dirty Dick delivered repeated headbutts and put even more pressure on the knee with a half Boston Crab. Blaze tried another rollup but again got a 2. The match went back and forth but in the end Dirty Dick Walker became the new NBW Heavyweight Champion. Yes fellow readers, Dick Walker and Bobby Collins hold all the gold in New Brand Wrestling. Is there anyone who can stop them? I don't know.

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