NBW Heavyweight Championship History (Month/Day/Year)

Madman Muir debuts as Champion 5/1/10

Stripped of the title 6/19/10

Championship Regin: 50 days

Billy Blaze Def Zamill By Pin Fall 2/26/11

Billy Blaze Def Leo London & Zamill By Pin Fall in a 3 Man Falls Count Anywhere 3/26/11

Championship Regin: 120 days

"Dirty" Dick Walker Def Billy Blaze By Pin Fall 6/25/11

Championship Regin: 13+ days


NBW Mid-Canadian Championmship History (Month/Day/Year)

"Slick" Nick won a over the top battle royal to become the 1st Champion 5/1/10 (Stripped of the title)

Championship Regin: Less than 1 day

Ricky Rivers awared the Championship after "Slick" Nick left NBW 6/19/10

Championship Regin: Less than 10 min.

"TNT" Trent Nash Def Ricky Rivers By Pin Fall to win the Championship 6/19/10

"TNT" Trent Nash Def Scott Justice By Pin Fall 1st Defence 9/25/10

"TNT" Trent Nash Stripped of the title due to injury 1/22/11

Championship Regin: 218

"The Rebel" Bobby Collins win a Battle Royal to claim the title 1/22/11

"The Rebel" Bobby Collins Def Damon Marxx By Pin Fall 1st Defence 2/26/11

"The Rebel" Bobby Collins Def Leo London by Pin Fall 2nd Defence 06/26/11

"The Rebel" Bobby Collins is defeated after 190 days..

Leo London Def Bobby Collins (c) & Mike Mission in 3 way with a LeBell Lock


NBW Tag Team Championship (Month/Day/Year)

"The Great" Pepito & "Big" Cliff win a Battle Royal to be crowned Champions 11/6/10

Championship Regin: 78 days

"The Great" Pepito & La Sombra Def "Big" Cliff By Pin Fall to become Champions 1/22/11

Championship Regin: 36 days

"The Rebel" Bobby Collins & "Dirty" Dick Walker Def "The Great" Pepito & Damon Marxx (Sub for La Sombra) to become Champions 2/26/11

"The Rebel" Bobby Collins & "Dirty" Dick Walker Def Leo London & "The Misfit" Mike Mission By Pin Fall 1st Defence 4/30/11

Championship Regin: 128+ days


NBW Championship Records:

Longest Regin: "TNT" Trent Nash as NBW Mid-Canadian Champion at 218 days

Shortest Regin: Ricky Rivers Less than 10 Min as Mid-Canadian Champion








                                                                                                                                                                               Records written by Mark Tyler


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