Billy Blaze

Height:6'1''                                    Weight: 234lbs                              From: Winnipeg, Manitoba            Finisher: Blaze of Glory                 Accomplishments: First Nations Wrestling's Rookie of the year, the first RCW heavyweight champion to hold the title for 23 months, RCW tag team champion, NBW Heavyweight Champ                    

Cory Diamond   

Height: 5'10" 
Weight: 220lbs.
From: Saginaw Michigan Theme: Perfect stranger by deep purple.
Finisher: Diamond driver / The
royal flush                                
Accomplishments: RCW heavyweight champ x2, RCW Tag Team Champion, NWA/CWF Canadian Heavyweight title, CWF Junior title x4, RME Heavyweight Champion, RME Tag Team Champion.

Daemon Marxx

"Iron" Ike Idol 

Height - 6'
Weight - 248 lbs
From - Inverness, Scotland
Finisher - Idolizer
Accomplishments: SPW Provincial Champion (2 X)
- TRCW Heavyweight Champion

Leo London Hometown: Athens,Greece
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 166 Lbs.
Finishing Move:
 The London Dungeon Submission /  Hangman's Rolling Elbow
Accomplishments: NBW Mid-canadian Championship

"The Misfit"                   Mike Mission

Height: 5 11"                      Weight:217lbs                                  From: Winnipeg, MB                       Finisher: The Mission Statement DDT                                                      Theme: Mission by The Misfit Mike Mission             Accomplishments: SPW Academy Graduate,  SPW Tag Team Champion

Ricky Rivers 

Height:5 4"                              Weight: 135lbs.                          From: Winnipeg, MB Finisher:Codebreaker


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 220lbs

From: The Bowery

Theme: Heratic Anthem by Slipknot

Samuel Dez Astor



NBW Trainee 

Blair Statz








"The Rebel" Bobby Collins

Big Cliff Corleone

Height:6'1''                                 Weight:318lbs                            From:Calgary,Alberta                         Finisher: Big Cliff Crunch            Accomplishments: SPW Tag Team Championship, NBW Tag Team Championship

"Dirty" Dick Walker 




Jay Lanza 

Height: 6'2''                                 Weight: 222lbs                           From: Selkirk, Manitoba              Finisher: Lanza Bomb                 Accomplishments: SPW Provincial Champion

James Beaver 


Height:6'                               Weight:315lbs  From:Nottingham,England     Finisher:Pump Handle Bomb Accomplishments: GNP Tag Team Titles                                            

"The Worlds Smallest Wrestler"

  La Sombra 

Height: 5'3''                                 Weight: 163lbs                            From: El Salvador                       Finisher: Moonsault                     Accomplishments: 2x SPW Provincial Champion



height: 5'11''                             weight: 237lbs.                          From: Winnipeg, Manitoba


Shadow Xtreme

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 200
Theme Song: Xtreme Theme by UNCURABLE
Finishing Move: Assault Driver/Swanton Bomb





NBW Trainee

 Marc Merric

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