The results from this show No Love Lost are brought to you this time by The Myserious Master Blogger 

Tonight New Brand Wrestling is back at the Ellice Theater and it is a tournament to crown a new New Brand Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. But that's not all that's back. I, the mysterious Master Blogger is back at it covering the New Brand results. But you readers, you already know that. Now usually, the shows start at 7:00 p.m. sharp, but tonight for some reason they started at 7:15 p.m. go figure. But hey I got a few high-fives from Billy Blaze, Rocky Augustino, and ''The Rebel'' Bobby Collins (yes fellow readers, even when they are a heel, they love me LOL). Now I'm going to cut all this funny stuff and get to the card.


Opening promo: Ricky Rivers comes out saying that he is back for revenge and gold. Rivers then gets interrupted by Mr. Milton Jones (manager for the Soul Society) who tells Rivers that his client Ichigo Yagami (formerly Ryuzaki Light and Yami Light) is going to defeat Rivers and become the new NBW Heavyweight Champion so he should forfeit his match. Many fans, even yours truly chanted Kick his @$$.


Opening Match: Ricky Rivers vs Ichigo Yagami - Earlier in the match, Rivers cross arm bared the leader of the Soul Society but  Ichigo reversed it. Ricky reversed it again but this time, Ichigo put him in a headlock, followed by a shoulderblock. A hiptoss was followed by Rivers which led to Yagami chopping Rivers repeatedly 3 times. Repeated back elbows by Ichigo was followed by Ricky Rivers clotheslining Yagami but Ichigo put Ricky in a surfboard. Yagami stiff-kicks Ricky which is followed up by 2 shoulders, a backflip and a flying elbow and I loved it!!!. Just as it looked like Rivers was going to win, Milton Jones distracted Rivers and Yagami delivered a stiff elbow for the W. After the match Ricky Rivers was forced to join the Soul Society which I did not get.


Tournament Match #1: Vinnie Valliant vs. ''The Great'' Pepito - In the first round of the heavyweight title tournament Vinnie Valliant took on one half of the N.B.W. tag team champions, Pepito. Both men shook hands before the match as both men are considered fan favorites. Earlier in the bout, Valliant delivered a perfectly executed neckbreaker and got only a 2 count. Vinnie delivered an elbow and stiff kicked Pepito. Vinnie then went for his 450 splash but Pepito moved out of the way. Pepito delivered a knee to the back and put Valliant in a cross armbar but Vinnie recovered and put Pepito in a jackknife (not the powerbomb) for a 2 count. Vinnie slammed Pepito and delivered his 450 splash to advance to round 2 of the tournament.


Match #3: ''Dirty'' Dick Walker vs. ''Bad Boy'' Buddy Wiser - This match was a contest between formerly one half of the most dangerous tag team in independent wrestling: The Reservoir Dogs and the 18 year veteran.  Earlier in the match, Dick said he needed to take a time out to think which led to the referee counting. A collar-elbow tie-up led to Wiser shoving his opponent to the canvas. Dirty Dick put Bad Boy Buddy in a headlock and tried to take him down with a shoulderblock but to no avail. Walker delivered repeated elbows to Buddy's head and did a showboat dance for good measure. Buddy recovered and put Dirty Dick in a sunset flip but it was only a 2 count. Back in the ring, Walker choked Wiser with his boot and dropkicked Buddy into the turnbuckle which would be followed by repeated elbows and a chokehold. But Wiser recovered and delivered a vicious clothesline but Dirty Dick delivered one of his own for the 1-2-3.


Intermission: several wrestlers came out to sign autographs, I got a high five from Ichigo Yagami and Milton Jones before I went to the canteen to get a slice of pizza and a Coke.


Tournament Match #2: Zamil vs. Vinny Valliant - Vinnie already beat Pepito and was now attempting to move on to the next round. Zamil slapped Vinnie but Vinnie delivered a slap of his own and put the Z-Man in in armbar but then the hypnotist put Vinnie in a headlock and delivered a monkey flip for good measure, but Valliant put Zamil in a modified crossface followed by a cradle but only got a 2 count. Zamil delivered a leg through move and put pressure on Vinnie's leg but Vinnie recovered with an insiguri kick to the Z-Man's head but Zamil recovered and delivered a vicious chop. Vinny tried many things on Zamil: a schoolboy, a crusifix, even a small package but to no avail could get a 3 count. Zamil tried a splash from the second rope but was met with a boot. In the end, Zamil clocked Valliant with his cell phone for the win. Total and utter bullshit.


Impromptu Match: Billy Blaze vs Ichigo Yagami - Prior to the match, Ichigo came out and claimed that this is his show and his title so get me anyone from the back and out came Billy Blaze. The Soul Society leader delivered an elbow to Blaze and tried repeated pins but got 2 counts each time. Ichigo put Billy in a sleeper but Blaze recovered and delivered an incredible back suplex. Yagami repeatedly stomped Blaze and said ''Stay Down!!!''. The Soul Society leader delivered 3 shoulders, a backflip followed by an elbow, but Billy recovered and trapped Ichigo Yagami in the Blaze Of Glory but only got a 2 count. Yagami put Billy in a tarantula but Billy recovered and put The Soul Society leader in a move that I am going to call The Exclamation Point to move on to the finals.


Mid-Canada Title Match - Bobby Collins vs Daemon Marxx - At the last show, The Rebel added New Brand gold to his resume by winning a battle royal. Tonight he put his title on the line against the larger Daemon Marxx. Earlier in the match, Marxx delivered a perfectly executed suplex to the Rebel but Collins reovered and with repeated kicks I said to myself ''Now that's the Bobby Collins I remember watching!!''. Marxx would recover and give Bobby a vicious shoulderbreaker to the ropes but only got a 2 count. The Rebel then bit the forehead of the challenger and choked him for good measure. Marxx gave the champ a knee to the head and with a superkick sent Daemon crashing like a tree struck by lightning. Collins then put Marxx in his armbar tapout for the W. It took several people to pull the champ off of the challenger including the canteen guy.


Main Event Tournament Final: Zamil vs. Billy Blaze - Zamil came to the ring with a crutch but Blaze pulled a Stop sign from under the ropes. This match was a no disqualification match. Earlier in the match, Zamil delivered a legdrop to Blaze on the ropes and tried to whack Billy with the Stop sign but Blaze ducked and took it to the Hypnotist. The Z-Man recocered and delivered a headbutt to the breadbasket. Billy recovers and brings the Stop sign into the ring and crutch and whacks Zamil saying if I recall correctly ''That's for trying to mess with my testicles'' LOL. Zamil recovered eventually and whacked Billy back but Billy delivered a suplex and then went up to the top rope for an elbow but the Z-Man moved out of the way. Zamil went up for a moonsault and Blaze moved out of the way. Billy then delivered a jumping kick to the Z-Man's head but when he went for a second, he hit the referee instead. Zamil tried to whack Blaze with a guitar but Blaze ducked, whacked the Z-Man with the guitar for the W, and Billy Blaze was your New Brand Wrestling heavyweight champion.



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