Here are the results from November to Remember: November 6th, 2010
First Match: Ichigo Yagami vs. Tom Lockley.  Winner was Ichigo Yagami, causing Tom Lockley to join The Soul Society.
Second Match: Pepito vs. Vinnie Valiant.  The match was declared no contest due to interference from Big Cliff Corleone and Ike Idol.  A short tag team match ensued between Big Cliff Corleone and Ike Idol versus Pepito and Vinnie Valiant.  This match ended with Ike Idol pinning Vinnie Valiant for the win.
The interference by Big Cliff and Idol had General Manager Corey Diamond fed up with them.  He forced Big Cliff and Ike Idol to fight each other right there.  The match ended with a double count out.
Third Match: Spanky vs. Daemon Marxx.  Daemon Marxx got the pin after a vicious knee to Spanky’s face and an elbow drop from the top rope.
Fourth Match: Corey Diamond vs. “The Rebel” Bobby Collins.  Diamond won after the ref was forced to change his decision after Collins would not release the submission hold.
Fifth Match: Studs Inc. (Billy Blaze and Buddy Wiser) vs. “The Misfit” Mike Mission and Ricky Rivers.  Mission gets the pin and the win for his team after Blaze superkicked Wiser after multiple miss-communications and Blaze not happy with Wiser’s tactics.
Main Event: Tag Team Lottery Battle Royal.  Buddy Wiser and Ichigo Yagami started off, then the rest of the roster that night, as well as a guest appearance by Johnny Falcon.  The match ended with Big Cliff Corleone and Pepito in the ring being crowned tag team champions




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November To Remember Re-cap video                           

November To Remember Tag Team Lottery Battle Royal

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