New Brand Wrestling presented Restoring Order at the Ellice Theatre and Cafe. Here are the results courtesy of the Master Blogger.


Before the show begins Billy Blaze comes out and says that there are a lot of politics in the back and it's pissing him off. He challenged anyone from any promotion whether it's RCW, PCW, CWE, CCW (Leatherface's company) to come to NBW once a month to face him. He also issued a statement to Mr. Wayne Stanton (Wayne if you are reading this I don't mean to sound like I'm cutting a heel promo and the Master Blogger has the uttmost respect for you just like you do me but I'm just writing what was told to me). Anyway, the statement was he needs to step up and put on a show like he used to. Because the RCW of today is not the company that Caveman Broda built. Blaze also stated that he challenged anyone from RCW to come to the August 27th show to face him. So RCW, if you're listening, you've got a challenge.


Opening Promo - Mike ''The Misfit'' Mission says Leo London gets a Mid-Canada Title Match and he doesn't. That brings Leo out to the ring to a standing ovation and says Mission, you do not deserve the title shot against Bobby Collins but I do. This leads to a brawl between the 2.


Opening Contest - Tyler Colton vs. Tommy Lee Curtis - An armdrag takedown by Colton send TLC to the outside. Tyler put on a second armdrag into an armbar. Colton then did a face rake and rammed Curtis to the mat. Tommy recovered but only got a 2. Tommy choked Colton but as Tyler tried a flying bodypress, Curtis put his knee up. Tyler bounced back but Tommy put him down by the hair. Tyler went put the boot up and took him down with a clothesline for a 2. Colton delivered an elbow to Tommy and executed a perfect TKO but again only got a 2. Curtis delivered a back cracker but he also got a 2. In the end Tyler got the win with a sunset flip.


Ricky Rivers & Reaper Promo: Rivers could not believe he wasted his time out here and called out Billy Blaze. Blaze comes out and the 2 of them exchange words until Cory Diamond comes behind and does a double noggin knocker starting the second match.


Match #2 - Cory Diamond & Billy Blaze vs. Soul Society - Blaze clamps down on the arm of Reaper before Reaper took Cory down with a clothesline. Diamond reverses it and Billy headbutts Reaper in the back twice. Diamond chops Ricky only to have Ricky bounce back. However, Cory took down Ricky. Reaper put Diamond in an STF but Cory escaped and managed to tag Blaze who delivered a stiff kick to Ricky before Ricky delivered one of his own. Reaper and Rivers double suplexed Blaze but in the end, Studs Inc. got the win. After the match Reaper took down Ricky with a Gore.


Match #3 - Scott Justice vs. James Beaver - Beaver shoved Scott to the mat twice before delivering 2 roundhouse elbows and a side slam. Justice delivered repeated kicks to Beaver but the Englishman recovered only to fall prey to Scott putting pressure on the knee and delivering a superkick. Beaver recovered with a shoulder tackle and elbows. Justice put Beaver in the Southern Cross only to have Beaver grab the rope and put Scott in a pumphandle slam for the W meaning win.


Match #4 - Triple Threat Match for the Mid-Canada Heavyweight Title - Leo London vs.''Misfit'' Mike Mission vs. ''The Rebel'' Bobby Collins (with Caveman Broda) - The Rebel went right after London before turning to the Misfit who attacked the champ from behind. Leo and the Misfit traded punches only to have London deliver a Hangman's Rolling Elbow but the Misfit recovered with a suplex. Collins delivered a suplex of his own in the ring while outside of the ring, Broda used a foreign object. The Rebel again struck with a double noggin knocker while Broda lurked outside the ring. Mike delivered a clothesline. Collins bodyslammed Mission and took him down with a clothesline. On the outside, London took down Mission with a clothesline. In the end, Leo London used the LaBelle Lock to force Mission to tap out to become the new Mid-Canada Heavyweight Champion.


Match #5 - Crazy Horse & Rex Roberts vs. Shadow Xtreme & Jay Walker - This was perhaps the longest match on the card. Walker stomped on Crazy Horse's hat. Roberts slapped Walker and Shadow. Shadow delivered a shot to the breadbasket of Rex. Crazy Horse decked a shot from Jay. Roberts decked a roundhouse kick but Shadow put Rex in an armbar before tagging in Jay. Jay put an armbar on before getting Xtreme back in who continued the assault on Roberts. Shadow put pressure on the arm before tagging in Jay Walker who delivered a roundhouse kick before again tagging Shadow where both men double-teamed Roberts before Shadow delivered 10 punches and 3 kicks. Rex delivered a thumb to the eye and a back suplex before tagging in Crazy Horse who delivered a hard chop but missed with an elbow. Rex a double underhook butterfly suplex to Jay. Shadow dropkicked Roberts but Shadow recovered with a hurricanranna. However, as Shadow was going for a high risk move, Crazy Horse threw a fireball in Shadow's eyes allowing Rex to get the 3 count.


Match #6 - Marc Merric vs. Marius - When Marius came out I said ''Business has now picked up!!'' Marius took down Merric with a headlock into a shoulderblock and slapped him in the back of the head. Merric countered with a backdrop. Marius delivered repeated kicks into a suplex for the win.


Match #7: Barbed Wire Tables Match - Zamil vs Samuel - Zamil opened the main event with a knee and a kendo stick shot but Samuel recovered with a shot of his own. Zamil tried chops but managed to take him down with a low blow. Samuel delivered shots to the gutt with a chair and grabbed a trash can. Zamil whacked Samuel and gave him a kick to the face. The Z-Man managed to recover with another shot before setting up the table which he went through but the table did not break however. The Z-Man suplexed Samuel into the table and onto the chair. Next, the Z-Man suplexed Samuel onto all the chairs that Samuel threw into the ring. On the outside after both men took shots with the staple gun, Zamil set up a table with barbed wire which sent both men crashing through it. Therefore the referee had no choice but to stop the match and call the paramedics







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