Results For New Years Retribution

Here are the results from New Brand Wrestling’s January 22, 2011 show, New Years Retribution.  The show started off with Corey Diamond announcing the return of the NBW Heavyweight Belt.  As well as announcing that on the next show February 26 there will be a tournament for the NBW Heavyweight Championship, also announcing he had to strip Trent Nash of the Mid-Canada Championship due to injury, and that there would be a rumble later in the night to crown the new champion.  This brought out the Soul Society, demanding that one of the belts be handed to them and put around the waist of Ichigo Yagami.  Then out came co-owner Louis Hendrickson and he stripped Corey Diamond of his General Manager duties for abusing his powers as GM.   A fight ensued between Soul Society and Corey Diamond, Billy Blaze came out for the save, and a tag match was set up for later in the night of Soul Society versus Studs Inc. (Billy Blaze and Corey Diamond).  After everything settled down we started off the show with our first match.
First Match: Spanky vs. Daemon Marxx- After almost losing his own shorts, Spanky rolled up Marxx for the three count while holding Marxx’s tights.  Getting his revenge on Marxx after losing to him at November to Remember.
Second Match: Soul Society vs. Studs Inc.- After several minutes, Studs Inc put a double submission combination of a boston crab and a camel clutch on Soul Societies hired muscle for the night making him tap out and winning the match via submission.
Third Match: “The Rebel” Bobby Collins vs. La Sombra- Bobby Collins originally won the match via submission wrenching on La Sombra’s arm.  He would not release the hold, referees plus help from the back had to pull Collins off, this caused Bobby Collins to be disqualified and the referee reversed the decision giving the win to “The World’s Smallest Wrestler” La Sombra.
Fourth Match: “The Misfit” Mike Mission vs. Zamil- This match was a Falls Count Anywhere match fought both in and out of the ring, with several weapons being used.  The match came to and end when “The Misfit” dodged a spear from Zamil, which sent Zamil through a board set up in the corner of the ring, with “The Misfit” rolling him over for the pin.
Fifth Match: Vinnie Valiant and “Dirty” Dick Walker vs. Ike Idol and Marius- This match was a hard fought battle which also had some moments outside the ring, this match concluded when Vinnie Valiant missed the 450 splash, leaving Idol with the upper hand, hitting a DDT on Valiant allowing him to get the three count.
Sixth Match: Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to Crown the Mid-Canada Champion-In this rumble we saw several superstars go over the top rope, not only hitting the stage but also making their way to the theatre floor.   The match ended as Marxx tried to throw Collins over the tope, but Collins reversed it with the head scissors tossing Marxx to the floor crowning “The Rebel” Bobby Collins as the new NBW Mid-Canada Champion.
Main Event: Pepito and La Sombra vs. Big Cliff Corleone- This match started with Big Cliff talking trash saying that Pepito did not earn the tag team belt.  After a few harsh words, Pepito was challenged to find a friend in the back to team up with to take on Big Cliff for the belts.  Pepito went to the back and returned with La Sombra.  Even with interference from Ike Idol, who accidentally hit his buddy Big Cliff in the head with the belt, the team of La Sombra and Pepito were able to get the pin after a double splash from the ropes.  Making them the new NBW tag team champions. 


Highlights Part 1:

NBW Mid-Canadian Championship Battle Royal :

 Highlights Part 2:

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