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Opening Promo: Ricky Rivers comes out dressed in Cory Diamond's gear and says, ''Shut up and show respect.'' Rivers says that he is the new face of the Soul Society. This brought out Leo London who got on the mic telling him that you are a very bad man and challenges him to a match for later that night. London says that he is done with Rivers he is done with Jones, he is this own man, but if he loses to Rivers he will come back to the group. Next, Cory Diamond comes out and says that their champion Billy Blaze was not here tonight because someone attacked him and sent him to the hospital. Diamond then says being a good friend of Billy Blaze and fellow Studs Inc. member, he is going to take out anyone until he finds out who robbed the fans of their glory.


Opening Contest: Marius vs. Cory Diamond - Marius came out to the ring sporting new gear, slapped Diamond in the face and brawled with him. Diamond put an armbar on Marius and delivered stiff rights but Marius put the boot up and delivered a Flatliner (or whatever that is called) for a 2 count. Marius delivered an elbow but Cory would recover with a bodyslam but only got a 2. Marius countered with a jawbreaker but when he went up to the top rope for a legdrop he missed. Cory countered with a DDT. and traded punches with Marius. Marius went for his Peyote Piledriver but Diamond wiggled free. In the end, Diamond got the win with a small package.


Match #2: Leo London vs. Ricky Rivers - London attacked Rivers from the opening bell and put on an armbar. He then put Rivers his signature London Bridges submission move trying to end the match quickly but Riveres countered with hard rights and a hard chop bur Leo reversed the chop back and delivered a Hangman's Rolling Elbow. Ricky and Leo traded armbars but Leo delivered a Russian Leg Sweep and got a 2. London tried to suplex Rivers but Ricky would reverse it and deliver a legdrop for a 2. Leo delivered in my opinion 2 perfectly executed Mexican armdrags followed by an armbar submission but Ricky delivered a backkick. London put Ricky Rivers in the London Bridges submission ending the match.


Match #3: ''The Rebel'' Bobby Collins vs. ''Misfit'' Mike Mission - Collins came to the ring accompanied by his tag team partner Dirty Dick Walker. Mission countered with an armbar. Referee Rocky Augustino told Dirty Dick to go back to leave ringside and that there would be no interferance in this match. Collins and Mission chased each other around ringside. Back in the ring, The Rebel countered with a boot to Mission's head and started biting the Misfit on the forehead followed by a rake to the back. Mike and Bobby traded lefts and rights. The Rebel then tossed the Misfit to the outside and bodyslammed him on the floor. Back in the ring, Collins' tag team partner Dirty Dick Walker arrived on the scene risking a disqualification. Just as it looked like Mission was done, Leo London came out to make the save.


Intermission: Several wrestlers came out to sign autographs.


Promo #2: The Great Pepito sporting purple tights, came out and got on the mic saying it was great to be back in N.B.W. He goes on to say that he is the #1 contender to the tag team titles and he will get them back if he can find a partner. Out came Madman Muir from the back and delivered a neckbreaker to Pepito.


Match #4 - Pepito & Shadow Xtreme vs. Madman Muir and Samuel - Pepito and Samuel got the match started with Samuel gaining the upper hand. Pepito recovered with blows to the back of Samuel's head, but Samuel countered with a bodyslam before tagging in Muir who starting biting Pepito's head. While referee Rocky Augustino's back was turned, Samuel choked Pepito with the tag rope and Muir choked Pepito some more but Pepito recovered with a jawbreaker before tagging in Shadow who delivered a roundhouse kick to Samuel followed by stiff rights but Samuel recovered with a clothesline before tagging in Muir. The match spilled to the outside, while back in the ring Samuel tried to whack Pepito with a chair but Pepito moved out of the way before tagging in Shadow Xtreme who delivered several moves to Samuel but Samuel recovered. Xtreme delivered a dropkick to Madman before tagging in Pepito who delivered a cross bodyblock for the W meaning win.


Match #5 - Marc Merric vs. Cory Diamond - Merric offered a handshale but Cory refused. Cory delivered a hard chop to Marc but Marc would recover with a snapmare as well as a superkick and a suplex but Diamond delivered a suplex of his own but only got a 2 count. Merric delivered hard rights and a jumping knee. Cory would recover, Merric would deliver a knee but in the end Cory gave Merric a Death Valley Driver for the win.


Match #6 - Tag Team Title Match - Leo London & ''Misfit'' Mike Mission vs. ''The Rebel'' Bobby Collins and Dirty Dick Walker - London delivered a dropkick to Walker as well as an armbar before tagging in Mission. Walker tagged The Rebel who delivered blows to the head of the Misfit. Walker countered with a shoulderblock and several other moves before tagging in Collins who delivered a stiff  uppercut. Collins delivered blows to the back before tagging in the Dirty One but the Misfit recovered with a double clothesline to both Walker and Collins before tagging in Leo. The match went back and forth but in the end the Rebel and the Dirty One retained the NBW tag team titles.


Post-Match: A brawl occured after the match between London and Mission starting the Battle Royal.


Match #7- Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for the Heavyweight Title.


Order of entrance:

Mike Mission

Marc Merric

Bobby Collins

Dick Walker

Shadow Xtreme



Vinnie Valiant

Ricky Rivers

Leo London

Madman Muir



Winner and #1 Contender to the N.B.W. Heavyweight Title: Dirty Dick Walker




Album 1:

Album 2:



Spring Fever Highlights video Part1:

Spring Fever Highlights video Part 2:

Spring Fever Highlights video Part 3 The First Annual Sprig Fever Battle Royal:


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